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Types of gaming assets and tips to increase their worth

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Gaming assets are a lucrative pathway to build a sizable income while pursuing your passion. There are numerous types of gaming assets, such as sprites, 3D models, music, codes, sound effects, modules, and more. Game engines also require completed projects, opening up scores of lucrative opportunities for coders and designers. 

This article will walk you through various types of gaming assets and practical tips to boost their worth. 

Here’s everything you need to know:
Types of Gaming Assets 

If you design games, work as a coder or even compose music, you can market and sell your work as gaming assets. Each asset has its marketability and demand, allowing designers and coders to make substantial amounts of money. Most game designers find selling gaming assets highly lucrative and earning enough to fund their games and development projects.

Here is a detailed list of gaming assets that you can sale: 

  • Assets in 2D & 3D Design
    • Gaming environments
    • Characters
    • Objects and elements
    • Vehicles
  • Assets in GUI 
    • Icons 
    • HUD 
  • Assets in Scripting
    • Special effects 
    • Physics
    • Networking
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Assets in Audio 
  • Sound effects
  • Background music 
Selling Gaming Assets 

There are numerous types of gaming assets and marketplaces to sell and buy gaming assets. For instance, GameDev Market, a popular online marketplace, involves the sale of sound effects, music, GUI, 2D, 3D models, and more. These marketplaces come with community forums where buyers, developers, and publishers can engage in commerce and stay abreast of market trends. 

TurboSquid is another popular marketplace for 3D models, while Game Art 2D is specifically for 2D models and GUI elements. The Unity Asset Store, an official Unity marketplace, allows for all kinds of gaming assets. It includes all purchases associated with Unity, such as animations and complete Unity Projects, alongside sound effects, music, 2D/3D models, and more. 

In order to make profitable investment, individuals buy game accounts as this trade comes with minimal hassle and allow profitable sales.
Making a High-Selling Asset Pack 

Newbies who have just entered the game development realm and are chartering the learning process to avoid selling. Jumping towards selling assets can prove challenging, as it is crucial to perfect your learning and skills. 

Buyers seek out originality and exclusivity; hence, it is crucial to create assets that are not available in online marketplaces. Suppose you’ve started something extraordinarily unique while developing a game; selling it as an investment is a terrific idea. Experts strongly advise newbies to look for outdated elements that get abandoned to usher in innovations that attract buyers. 

  • Designers & Artists 

Designers and artists are strongly advising to explore heavily crowded marketplaces to identify elements with higher marketability. Having a rich portfolio of 2D and 3D models doesn’t mean you can sell everything you have created. 

It is crucial to explore the market for sprites and models and focus on higher demand elements. If you’re trying to sell zombies and trees repeatedly, don’t expect them to bring in lucrative profits. 

For instance, you have a stellar idea for an appealing 3D character, how can you sell this character? Variation is the secret for high-paying sales. Buyers are frequently on the lookout for variations of the same one or theme. To attract buyers, focus on including various elements for the character, such as walking, jumping, crouching, and more. Including commonly used animations and additional features will help you boost sales and build a solid reputation across online marketplaces. 

Is that enough? Certainly not, because modern-day trends are focused on creating a pack of characters. These packs include various styles and animations for each character. You can either create many characters or characters with numerous variations, outfits, and accessories. 

Let’s take another example: selling urban environments is more lucrative when marketed in packs. You can create various building models and include unique textures to attract buyers with rich and diverse backgrounds. Including additional models, such as roads, street lights, and benches would make your pack highly appealing for developers and buyers. 

High-end sellers focus on creating high-quality and rich construction packs for cities and urban environments. The process is time-consuming, but it is immensely lucrative as you can attract scores of customers. Remember: buyers seek variety and diversity, which is primarily why asset packs sell so well. 

  • Composers 

If you are a composer, selling sound effects and music can prove slightly more challenging than other assets. You see, developers typically procure music loops and sound effects for free or at low rates. So, if you want to make lucrative sales, focus on creating appealing audio sets with various sounds. 

For instance, if you’re creating audio assets for a racing game, be sure to include all kinds of sounds, such as car crashes, collisions, soundtracks, horns, and more. Composers need to have at least 10-15 music loops in their asset packs to attract customers. 

  • Coders 

Coders typically work with Unity or Unreal platforms, and they get tied to these platforms and their tools. Such platforms have a wealth of assets in their online marketplace. Therefore, coders need to avoid creating new assets unless they have an extraordinarily innovative and unique idea. 

Without uniqueness and originality, don’t expect your assets to sell like hotcakes. The ideal route is to study the marketplaces and stores and see what is available and what isn’t. If a product is available at the Unreal Engine store and unavailable at the Unity Asset Store, here’s an opportunity. 

You can create scripts that are unavailable on a platform and market it to attract buyers. For coders, problem-solving assets are an incredibly lucrative opportunity. It requires market research to understand the problems faced by new users and develop scripts to address these problems.


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All developers should create assets that are dynamic and innovative. It is also advisable to avoid tying your assets to one particular game or genre. Exclusivity and originality are the keys, while market research is the most effective tool to gain precedence and prominence. 

Keep in mind that the online marketplace gets flooded with assets and creators. It has made the online marketplaces increasingly competitive. So, if you’re entering the market with a standard investment, don’t expect the buyers to line up. Setting the right price is another crucial consideration as a low price can reduce quality while high prices dissuade buyers.