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The Wednesday hack – Twitter attacked


Twitter went through a massive breakdown on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, after accounts of some of the globally acclaimed public figures, celebrities and executives, got hacked. The Twitter hack could be understood as some of the accounts started tweeting links of bitcoin scams. Twitter has primarily hinted at a trick by an employee who gave illegal access to Twitter administrative tools that have created this huge chaos. From accounts of a former US President to a possible future president, businessmen, valuable companies have undergone this hack. This may be termed as the worst cyber disaster over security to hit social media. The first trace of this forcible inclusion came up at 3 PM EDT when Cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s Twitter account tweeted about its partnership with ‘Crypto for health’, which would return 5000 bitcoins and provided a link through which people could send or give money. The experts of cybersecurity are in a doubt and are worrying whether the bitcoin scam is just a veil under which a troubling data breach may go on involving the communication between the globally powerful people.


Thursday, the next day after the attack, the Federal Bureau of Investigation informed that they are attentively investigating the issue of account hacking. On the other hand, Twitter has informed that they are establishing relations with the users who had been affected by this data breach and thoroughly checking whether any non-public data of the affected accounts got leaked or not. And based on this study Twitter reported that “approximately 130 accounts were targeted” by the hackers. But they got control over a very “small subset” of the accounts from which they tweeted.


The Twitter attack has not been taken lightly because this is a crucial election year in America and thus surveillance is being done so that it does not make America and the world unstable. Compared to other rival media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter has comparatively fewer users but has a big influence on the policymakers, business tycoons, political icons, government officials who often use Twitter for making decelerations and official announcements. But the Wednesday attack showed the brittleness of the security system.


What were the real motifs of the hackers are still unknown? Yet what has surfaced have aroused questions in the minds of the VIP users about the security policy and guard of Twitter because the amount of subset that the hacker could get hold of on Wednesday, can disrupt financial services and even the presidential campaign.


Fake tweets were being made on Wednesday by the hackers where they urged the Twittezens to donate money in some bitcoin wallets and promised that the amount they invest would be doubled up and paid to them. But the hackers have simply pocketed the money, an amount of $116,000, and run away. Now it has been informed that the wallets used on Wednesday’s transaction shall be kept under vigilance and will be radioactive forever so that if any transaction or transfer takes place, it can be traced, and through this, the original plotters can be reached.


From this shocking financial hack, it can be easily understood how much million dollars the hackers can expect and collect from attacks like this. Even negative feedback has fallen on bitcoins too. Josh Hawley, a Republican senator and a huge critic of Silicon Valley, has sent a letter to the CEO of Twitter, highlighting the lack of safety and security the users may suffer from while using the personal communication box that Twitter provides. The inevitable fines and penalties shall be charged upon the hacker and have been assured by the FBI. Though it is not clear who all have done this, and Twitter has not yet marked any targeted official, thus the personal investigation of Twitter is also going on.


By hijacking the accounts, the hackers have been successful to portray the bitcoin scam and could show that they have completed the attack. Through this notorious act, have risked the personal information, phone numbers, photographs, emails, and even messages of the users which the hackers could download and later release it during a critical time and threaten users. As elections are knocking at the door, the probability of foul play like this is being given grave importance.


Though the investigation has not got a clear direction, something unnatural is being suspected as a week before this attack something trivial was spotted on Twitter, by the Hudson park cybercrime intelligence. A forum for hackers claimed that they could steal a Twitter account by changing the email id. Even they posted screenshots in favor of their claims. These images of the control panel have left the investigators guessing about the timespan from which the hackers had access to the internal security of the Twitter community. Now the ultimate point of concern is whether the hackers have copied the personal details or not which they took control over and this remains the ultimate point in the investigation.

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