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TV Shows to Watch if You Like to Gamble

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Gamblers enjoy the process of gambling due to their love for the games and find excitement in the potential of hitting the jackpot during gameplay. If you are someone who likes to gamble, then you are definitely familiar with the experience and the emotion that comes along with playing your favorite games. Did you know that you can actually get the same feeling from watching a gambling-related TV show? Below, you’ll find a shortlist of recommended TV shows for gamblers and the adrenaline rush that is part of the overall experience.

If you enjoy betting from time to time in physical casinos, playing poker with your friends, or even playing at where you will find the latest and the best news in concerning online casinos in Finland, then you are going to find these TV shows very entertaining.

Sneaky Pete

A great TV shows for gamblers are available on Amazon Prime Video that is about gambling. If you enjoy poker and playing with your friends, this TV show will definitely catch your eye. It is fun and entertaining, as well as nerve racking, just like any gambling game.

Poker After Dark

This TV show is broadcasted on NBC, and it consists of different types of poker games where the blinds begin at $200 dollars, so you already know that the stakes are high. It is a real life game being recorded with the reactions and dialogues from the actual players. This is an exciting one for those who are big fans of the world of poker.

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Breaking Vegas

Breaking Vegas is yet another great TV TV shows for gamblers that involves gambling in Las Vegas, one of the most popular casino venues in the world. In this show, gamblers try to do everything to win, and you might even question their morals and actions in the games. You might admire them from their amazing skills, but at the same time, it really shows the dark side of gambling — including cheating and using illegal techniques to get the upper hand.

Celebrity Poker Showdown

Imagine watching your favorite gambling celebrities all get together and pay against each other.  Celebrity Poker Showdown made that possible for spectators, they put together all kinds of gambling pros and had them play against each other in poker games. This show is not only entertaining, but it is great for learning tips from top players in the gambling industry.

King of Vegas

King of Vegas presents TV shows for gamblers which include 12 players, half of which are pro gamblers. The remaining 6 players are new to the games and this is what really makes for an exciting watch. Watch as they all face off against each other and find out which players get kicked out of the game. The final round leaves us with two of the twelve original players facing off head to head. They have to compete against each other not only to win the title of the King of Vegas, but also they get to take home a very sizable prize of $1 million dollars.

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