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Turkey blacklists “Islamophobia” video games, here are the list of titles

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Over the past few hours, the decision of the Turkish government to ban the theory of Darwin’s evolutionism from schools has been announced. But the “Made in Turkey” madness does not end here: through a whole series of initiatives, it will try to shape a new “religious youth”.

What we will discuss in particular, although being a video game website, is linked to accusations of some titles: in fact, according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, some video games would be guilty of fueling hatred towards Islam and Muslims, treating with no respect the sacred symbols of their religion.

There are already 19 titles in the “blacklist” of the Turkish government: inevitably beginning with the ones belonging to the Call of Duty franchise, particularly with Modern Warfare 2, guilty of making an Arabic inscription containing the words of Prophet Muhammad in a rundown bathroom, then removed from Activision in 2012.

After that there is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (guilty of making the name of Allah appear in Arabic at a level in which the character sings and dances) Resident Evil (where in a scene the Koran was left on the floor) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (then fitted with a corrective patch in 2012 to remove the word Allah present on the floor of a level).

But what really appears to us at the limit of madness is the condemnation to the legendary game of Pac-Man. According to the ministry, the ghosts present in the game would represent Muslim women with the veil and under the video game, there would be a subtle metaphor: eating enemies would in fact match collecting veiled Muslim women. Fortunately, the game was then removed from the blacklist, with the government obviously revising its beliefs.

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The head of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research, Huzeyfe Yilmaz, brought the matter to parliament, accusing video games being as a “harmful material”, whose sale in Turkey should be subject to restrictions. Yilmaz himself gave an interview to the Hurriyet site, where he said the following words:

“The goal [of many games] is to give people a negative perception about Islam. Digital games are used as a tool to spread Islamophobia. Often the player is put in the role of a soldier and they gain points by killing Muslims, who are shown to them as terrorists. The main goal is creating enmity towards Islam.”

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