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Trove Patch 1.0 download available now

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Trove is an online MMO game. This game is very much similar to Minecraft but has its own distinct gameplay. The game is entirely based on a world of Voxels. You will be using blocks to build the world here and then you can simply go ahead and destroy others. Just recently a new patch is released that offers a bit of changes and improvement in the game. The patch version is 1.0.  It gives you a very wide world to explore. The game gets competitive due to the combat skills. This game has a class system where different players will fight on the basis of their class they have selected. There are in total 9 classes with their own unique identify. On July 9, a new version of this game was launched. The title for the same was called The Adventure Begins.

Trove game Screenshot
Trove game Screenshot

Overall the game is quite impressive and the patch is going to add a bit more benefit related to common bugs. There is not much detail given on the patch fixes. One good thing about the patch is that when you play among different classes it does not mean you cannot change them. You can move among them as per your need after unlocking all of them and keep your current progress still. Being an open world game you don’t have to rely on any kind of chapter or any level to play it. You can play it as much as you want and new content will help you to simply explore a lot of stuff.