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Trillion: God of Destruction delayed for PC until November 7

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Idea Factory International has announced a small delay for Trillion: God of Destruction. In its version of PC, instead getting released today, the date originally scheduled, the game will now be launched on November 7. There has been no reason for this change of day.


Eventually the PC version of Trillion: God of Destruction will not come to the market to 25 October, as announced in the past, but has now been postponed to November 7, 2016, ie; for about two weeks more. Idea Factory, the publisher, did not give reasons for the delay.

In the game we have to choose one of the characters and constantly train as time passes and the battle against Trillion approaches. We must care to not take too much fatigue while increasing their skills and prepare for the final battle.

This demon, Trillion, has a vitality points of trillion (1,000,000,000,000), making it to become virtually impossible to defeat. This demon, in an attempt to end the world, destroyed the Underworld, defeating even own Zeabolos. However, when he was on the verge of death, Zeabolos heard a mysterious voice that prompted him to offer his soul in exchange for power to defeat Trillion.

Recall that the PC edition of this strategic RPG title, which will be launched on Steam, will offer a graphics at 1080p and will include all the downloadable content previously published for PS Vita. During its first period of marketing the video game will be sold at a discount of 40%.