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Triad Wars Beta Keys Giveaways

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Triad Wars is going to release on second or on third quarter of 2015. It is a new online multiplayer game. You can get 5 Giveaways Beta keys of this game and test it out. Triad Wars is an open world action strategy game. It is developed by United front games with Square Enix. Triad Wars take places in Hong Kong. It is an open world game, loaded with many levels and competitive gameplay. The game emphasize of a gang war, where the central characters has to rise to power to bring down a criminal kingpin and be the leader of underworld. You can set of different fighting combination, you can use many weapons for shooting and drive different vehicles also. Also the game has different sub levels that target hacking, money laundering business and even extortion. The aim to claim your power on the city and setup your gang.

You can get Giveaways keys here to test it and find out more about the game. Also you can report any issue if you face any. Most of the bugs and fixes can be found on the closed beta forums.

Procedure to Redeem Beta Keys.

  1. Pick 5 friends then email a key and these instructions to them.
  2. Register for a Square Enix account.
  3. Download & install the Launcher.
  4. Start the Triad Wars Launcher.
  5. Sign in with your SEM account.
  6. Redeem your beta key.
  7. Proceed to download and play the game.
  8. Giveaway BetaKeys.