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Treyarch’s Next Game Will Give Priority To Story and Cinematic Animation

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Since the start of the activity in Treyarch in 2018, a studio owned by Activision and responsible for Call of Duty: Black Ops, there has been something to talk about and little by little interesting information about its new project is revealed. In this case, a new vacancy offers interesting facts about what will be the new game of the studio, which according to the rumors would be Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

According to the job vacancy published by Activision, Treyarch is looking for a cinematics animator, who must have the necessary qualities to be able to maintain the thread of the game’s storytelling during the cinematic cuts.

However, the section of the vacancy that draws attention refers to the work of cinematic animation must respond to the nature of the project, which considers the story as something of the highest priority. In addition, Treyarch hopes that those who get the job are responsible for the narrative arcs from its conception to its completion.

In this way, the new vacancy of Treyarch joins the previous one, which emphasized the development of characters and their realistic response to the environment of the game. Now we know that the development of the story is considered a priority for the studio of Activision.

Although it seems obvious that it is Call of Duty 2018, we can not say that for sure because Activision has not said anything about it at the moment. We are waiting for the official confirmation that the project in which Treyarch is working is indeed the new COD or not.

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