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Here’s How to Transfer Save Data & User Accounts From One Nintendo Switch To Another

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Last week, Nintendo released the update for Nintendo Switch which, among several things, added the option to transfer save data from one console to another. That said, there is a possibility that you do not know how it works, so Nintendo decided to help you by publishing a new video explaining the process.

As you will see, to achieve this you need 2 Nintendo Switch consoles (both must have the 4.0 update), an Internet connection, and a Nintendo Account. Once you have all that, you must go to the console configuration menu and visit the user’s tab.

When you are there you will find an option called “transfer users and save data”, which you must choose on both consoles. Once you do that, you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen and select the user and save data that you want to transfer.

The above will be sufficient for the selected files to begin to be transferred to the second console. It is a process that, under normal conditions, usually takes a few minutes; however, everything depends on the amount of information that passes from one console to another. You can check out more information in the tutorial that Nintendo has published:

As you can see, the main reason someone would use this option is if they bought their own Switch after sharing one with someone else. We say this because, after the process finishes, all the content of that user will be removed from the source console.

Keep in mind that this is not the only novelty of the 4.00 update for Nintendo Switch. What we are referring to is that this version of the firmware allows you to capture video, connect wireless headphones and use GameCube controls.

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