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Trackmania Turbo: Gameplay Trailer

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Ubisoft has shared a full 6 minute gameplay trailer of Trackmania Turbo. The trailer gives you full information about the actual gameplay, different levels, and cars. It is also available for pre-purchase on Steam. The cost of this game is around $39.99. It looks like a very competitive game that offers you a lot of tracks and challenges. You can play with your friends in a single platform and enable split screen so that you can check two players at the same time. The game features around 4 different environments. They are Rollercoaster Lagoon, Internationals Stadium, Canyon Grand Drift and Valley Down and Dirty. With this there is a campaign mode also. You can start this one and adjust the different difficulty level on the same. The campaign mode offers you around 200 unique tracks to play and you can adjust between 5 different difficulty levels. The game brings one more unique feature that is worth to test. You can start with Double Drive.

Trackmania Turbo Pics
Trackmania Turbo Pics

Double Drive means two people can drive the same car and have a better control. This would help you to overtake more competitive tracks. If you are done playing with all stuffs and want something different then you can use Trackbuilder. This option helps you to create tracks and you can also share it with your friends, so fun does not really end in Trackmania Turbo. The game looks very impressive in the videos. The game will be released on 27th November, 2015. And it will come on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Checkout Trackmania Turbo Gameplay Trailer below:

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