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TowerFall Ascension is coming to Xbox One

The frantic game of archers, TowerFall Ascension is coming soon to Xbox One, and was announced this week by the independent developer Matt Thorson.

Towerfall Ascension and the expansion Dark World, will be released for Xbox One in the near future. Through his Twitter account, the creator, Matt Thorson, said that this release will include the expansion of Dark World which, among other things, adds a new game mode. The new version has not got any departure date yet; however, Thorson said it is already functional in the console of Microsoft.

TowerFall debuted in June 2013 exclusively for Ouya, but the following year it left for PlayStation 4, PC, Linux and Mac, and in 2015 it came to PlayStation Vita.

In addition to announcing the Xbox One version, Matt Thorson also released a mod for the game that allows 8 players in multiplayer mode. This change is being sold separately to the game, exclusively for Windows at a price of US $8.88. Even not counting the base game, you can still play through the versus mode in five matches to eight players.

If you are not familiar with Towerfall Ascension, this is a multiplayer game that is simply delicious.

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