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Toukiden Producer Announces New Numbered Titles, Dragon Quest Heroes III Incoming?

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Kenichi Ogasawara, the producer on the Toukiden series and one of the producers in the Dragon Quest Heroes series, suggested that new “numbered titles” are being created and confirmed the existence of new projects.

As early as December 2016, Koei Tecmo suggested that the collaboration with Square Enix remained active and now, in December 2017, the game producer says “numbered titles for this and that are starting up.”

Without revealing much, Ogasawara confirms that “there is also a new collaboration project. That new project will be quite a surprise, so please look forward to its announcement.”

However, the Japanese producer warns that “since the core team members of Toukiden are working on a new project, it will be a bit of time before I can say anything more.”

Ogasawara says that this new collaborative project will amaze the players. Given the recent intellectual properties with which Musou has crossed (such as Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Berserk or Attack on Titan), it will be difficult to guess what is to come.

A confirmation of new numbered titles suggests Dragon Quest Heroes III as one of the several games on the way.

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