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Toukiden 2 will have a free-to-play version

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In March of this year Toukiden 2 came to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC. Before the good reception of the game, Koei Tecmo announced a free-to-play version of the title called Toukiden 2: Free Alliance Version. This action RPG title will focus on online games, where up to 4 players can perform various missions, hunt monsters and explore the open world of the game.

In order to participate in the missions, each player will have 3 units of resistance, which will be reset at the 8-hour step. As a free-to-play game, Toukiden 2: Free Alliance Version will feature a microtransaction system, allowing players to purchase gems and other items to speed up the resistance recovery process.

Fans of the franchise will be able to enjoy the story of the game until the end of the first chapter thanks to this free-to-play version. If they later decide to buy the full version of the title, their files, with all the save games, will be transferred. In addition, you will not have to worry about waiting for the regeneration of stamina. Toukiden 2: Free Alliance Version will hit the West on May 30, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The demo of Toukiden 2 is now available on Sony consoles on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in North America, so we recommend you take a look before buying the complete game.

What did you think so far about Toukiden 2? Do you think the free-to-play system fits the franchise? Share your impressions in the comments below.

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