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Total War: Warhammer Gameplay Demo Video

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Total War: Warhammer gameplay demo video is out that shows a lot of details about this new upcoming game. A release date is not yet confirmed. The game video shows the war between different tribes. This game looks really amazing since it would give players a lot of reasons to play. The game takes you to a different age where different clans clash with each other that generate an endless war among them. Each of them want control over other and rule for long time. You can control a variety of stuff in the game and charge on others. Below you can check out the video that is around 10 minutes long and gives you details of war. The game looks pretty impressive and might be quite long at the same time. The footage shows different quest battles and you can also see how massive the conflict is.

Total War Warhammer Images
Total War Warhammer Images

Total War: Warhammer might come next year. Yet it is not cleared when the game is going to appear and what all things it will be having. It is a turn based strategy game that offers you ample of things to control. Similar to its previous version this game is going to offer you a huge world to conquer. The good thing about the game is its storyline and the fantasy characters. There are 4 factions in the game that are playable. They are Empire, Greenskin, Drawf and Vampire count. Each of these factions comes with their own unique ability. Watch the video below for more details.