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TorqueL puzzle game download available on August 11 2015 for PS4 & PS Vita

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TorqueL is a new puzzle game that is going to release on August 11. The game is going to release on PS Vita and on PS4. The game is having a very unique type of puzzles. The game is going to costs around $9.99 approx on PS4 and around $8.99 on PS Vita. In European region it will costs around $10.99. This game looks pretty impressive for those who love puzzle games. It is very different in terms of gameplay. At some point you might be totally confused what to really do to clear a level. You can check that out in the video below. It is a physics based side scrolling game that is not very great in terms of graphics, but looks challenging. The game is having around 50 different stages. It is physics based game where the objects are pushed downwards due to gravity. And that makes the movement a bit tougher.

TorqueL Puzzle Game Pics
TorqueL Puzzle Game Pics

Many games which have a similar type of gameplay is bit different and has a simple UI. But TorqueL game has something different where you have to move the person trapped inside a box to a safe place. You just have to save that through different obstacles. The box is having some extra benefits also. You can push it up or avoid pits or obstacles if stuck at some point. All you have to do is roll the box in order to move ahead. And the person who is stuck remains static inside. The gameplay here is simple. You just have to roll the box towards the exits point to complete the chapter. Watch the trailer below for more information: