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Top Three Career Blogs Everyone Must Follow

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Career inspiration has its roots. A career blog could be a great guiding light whether you are looking for a job or are already employed. Different online career bloggers are worth the interest. Some write about how to create a professional resume and get hired. Others give tips on how to earn money from your hobby. As everyone can be a blogger, finding a good one is like finding a needle in the hay. But we did some digging for our readers! 

Only people with years of experience and excellent job achievements can give practical advice on career issues. So we selected only those websites that have been in this business for a long time and are favored by viewers worldwide. 

People enjoy reading career blogs because they can find solutions to their work problems. Career influencers also give practical tips on how to achieve success in their industry, and it has already helped a lot of viewers to make accomplishments in their job. So which blogs are helpful for people who begin their careers, and which ones will senior specialists enjoy? Let’s dive in! 


Career Contessa

Women had to wait decades to be hired in top positions, just like men. And now, all women can finally fulfill their career ambitions. Career Contessa is a beautiful blog for women who want to be fulfilled and empowered with their job. The creators of the blog began this project in 2013, and since then, they have assisted women in building to build successful careers. 

They give tips for female job seekers that can be applied to every career stage, like hiring, employment, starting your own business, etc. They also help employees navigate their career goals during their current job. The blog authors understand that women are more likely to face a wage gap, take a career break, or get demotivated after being surpassed by men. In their blog, you can find answers to such questions:

  • How to talk about a salary raise with your boss? 
  • Which online career courses are the best this year?
  • How to achieve impressive results in your career without failing in work-life balance?
  • What tools of life-long learning are the best for you? 
  • How to close the leadership, wage, and gender gap? 
  • What skills do you need to earn a six-figure salary?
  • What mobile apps can manage your finances?

Besides articles, the Career Contessa website has other helpful career resources, like a salary database, career community, and job listing database. On their blog, you can also download excellent checklists, e-guides, and templates for your resume or cover letter. Viewers can also pass career quizzes and find out if their workplace is toxic or which resume format is better for job applications. They collaborate with professional resume writers to provide high-quality content for their readers. It’s a one-stop for all women lost in the labyrinth of career pathways. 

Undercover Recruiter 

All people who struggle with the hiring process want to know how to “hack” recruiters and know wants on their minds and how to make them like you. A simple thing to do about it is read blogs by professional recruiters! Undercover Recruiter is a well-written resource run by recruiters who know modern job market trends.

Their recent articles cover the reasons for job market stagnation and the staffing needs of different businesses. Undercover Recruiter writers show what skills are valued by employers and recruiters and on which other characteristics they focus on sourcing. The critical goal for every recruiter is to hire a talent that will fit the company and enrich it with his expertise and skills. To get hired for a good, well-paid position, you must read recruiter blogs to know what kind of talent you should have.

Junior recruiting specialists will find a lot of helpful information and career inspiration on this website. For the new Undercover Recruiter articles, talent acquisition specialists can learn how to attract and retain senior tech workers and what modern automotive tools they should use to increase their company’s hiring rate. The blog creators also devote much time to cover employer branding features. Successful talent acquisition, corporate culture, and human resources cases can be found in their Employer Branding podcast.

The Muse

The creators of The Muse want their readers to build a career they love. And it’s a very noble mission because all people differ in their career goals, and the blog authors are trying to cover topics for different segments. If your primary career goal is to multiply your income yearly, articles about salary raises and the 2023 highest-paying jobs you can start now are just for you.

Or, if your goal is to work for a company with flexible work conditions, the piece about careers in hybrid or remote jobs will give you the right tips. The Muse is full of articles sponsored by huge businesses like Warner Brothers, Nike, and Atlassian. Materials from such business giants show career insights deserve more trust than articles from unknown random journalists. Top managers are gladly sharing the decisions they made to climb high the career ladder.

The Muse editors also share valuable insights with their readers. From their recent materials, you can learn what companies have extraordinary work-life balance policies and how to detect a toxic employer during a job interview. Young parents can discover which companies have the best parental benefits and how to get job offers from them. So, after reading this blog, you will better know your rights as an employee and your worth on the job market. 


Career Contessa, Undercover Recruiter, and The Muse have been creating materials for years to meet the urgent needs of job seekers, hiring managers, and employers. Building a successful career in the context of career trends is possible. All these career blogs cooperate with employers of big companies and provide their readers with fresh insights from top employers.