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Top Cine houses delayed movie release


Due to the pandemic, many things got canceled and postponed. Many events couldn’t take place in its scheduled time. And now due to this COVID outbreak, many film houses have decided to postpone the release of their movies. Disney has decided to postpone the release of ‘Mulan’ indefinitely. Though the release of ‘Mulan’ has already gone through many postponements, the news of its postponement for an indefinite Top Cine houses delayed movie release period is disheartening for the movie operators as they were planning to restart their business by attracting audiences to the hall with this movie.

Originally ‘Mulan’ was to hit the cinemas in March 2020, which could not happen because of the pandemic influenza. But the recent deadline that was set hoped it’s release by August. Now, this has also been postponed and the release date remains in dark. Even due to the disruptions in the production of the film’s, the next sequels from the most popular franchises of Disney, Star Wars and Avatar, have also been postponed.

Avatar sequel or part two, which was expected to be a blockbuster movie next year, after its blockbuster prequel in 2009, gets a demotion. This James Cameron’s movie sequel, which has previously been rescheduled many times before the outbreak of the pandemic got another push back due to this worsening situation. It is tentatively scheduled for 2022.

There is an expectation that the next Star Wars film will turn up by 2023, but Disney has not yet clearly stated anything in this matter. Though these too, are not assured dates because in this pandemic situation nothing is predictable. When will everything get restored to its original condition is a very big question that is haunting the world of cinema in this ongoing and persisting pandemic influenza?


In this puzzle of releasing movies, Sony has also announced a new schedule, a tentative one. Most of the blockbuster releases that they had planned previously for 2020 have been shifted to 2021. The sequel of ‘Far from home’ from the Spiderman series was to hit the theatres by July 16 the next year. But during April, Tom Holland’s movie shifted its deadline to November 5, next year. But after the huge change in the schedule of Disney, Sony too has decided to shift the sequel of the Spiderman movie to December, the next year. If everything goes well and according to the schedule then this movie of the Spiderman series shall take place of Avatar 2.


When this release date dilemma is going on, Paramount pictures have thought about rescheduling their movies that were planned to hit the cinemas this year. They believe that the best way to enjoy a movie is to experience it in theatres, and thus Mark Viane stated rescheduling the movies and releasing them only in cinemas after the crisis of pandemic slowly leaves. The two most notable and long-awaited blockbuster movies that got its release postponed are John Krasinski’s, ‘A Quiet Place 2’, and Tom Cruise’s, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Krasinski’s movie, which also marks his comeback to the directorship after the 2018’s success of this horror prequel, was to be released on September 6 this year. Now it got a seven-month demotion and shall be released on April 23, the coming year. The 1982’s classic sequel, Top Gun, which was dated to release before Christmas this year, got postponed to July the next year. Even ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ part 2 is to open by April 2020. Everything is getting delayed due to this Coronavirus.


Warner Bros has also decided much earlier that they are going to reschedule the release of ‘Tenet’, a thriller by Christopher Nolan. This movie was going Top Cine houses delayed movie release to hit the cinemas by August and was thought that it would be a great success after the summer season releases. But now we don’t know when it will show its face. Even the dates for reopening the theatres by Cineworld and AMC have been postponed due to the worsening situation and the huge widespread of COVID 19. Previously it was thought that the theatres would open by July, but now it has been delayed to Mid-August.


Everyone now only remains hopeful that the theatres get restored as soon as possible and let the cine buffs turn to the theatre as they used to do before the COVID outbreak. It is also disheartening for the audience to go on waiting for a long Top Cine houses delayed movie release time to get the sequel of their favorite movies that originally got delayed before the pandemic, and now getting doubly delayed. The film houses are wanting to return on the big screen directly after this break and not on any other medium. As they want their audience to get the best experience and are thus postponing the dates of release.

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