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Top 7 Computer Games That Everyone Should Try

Computer Games

Computer games are the scourge of modern man. Some are quite skeptical about such leisure activities, and some find a favorite hobby or even a profession in this. One way or another, each of us is sometimes not averse to having fun in virtual reality. Let’s talk about those creations of the digital age that everyone should try. So, the top 7 computer games for everyone!

Luigi’s Mansion 3

This game was born thanks to the company of developers Nintendo. This is one of the few bold companies that uses game concepts that other developers mostly reject. So the company released part of an isometric action adventure about ghosts, riddles and Luigi.

This game is great for entertaining the whole family! We walk around a big hotel, collect all sorts of things, catch ghosts and solve puzzles. You may think it sounds boring, but this game is almost the most fun release of recent times! Just turn on the game once, and you instantly become the main fan. Therefore, it is not surprising that Luigi’s Mansion 3 manages to please everyone. And gamers with vast experience and the smallest beginners will definitely appreciate the product.

The World of Warcraft

If you want to get into an exciting story and get stuck in a universe of vivid plot twists, World of Warcraft is what you need.

You’ve probably heard about this legendary game. Over the course of the development of the World of Warcraft, the history of the game was replenished with more and more exciting details, gathering around itself a huge circle of fans from all corners of the planet.

Getting into the game, you create your character, choose it’s race and class, grow it and win fights, investing in wow wotlk gold. A huge number of interesting tasks, fun adventures and pleasant acquaintances are waiting for you.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Japanese company Fromsoftware pleases with its games quite often. Their famous Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 are loved by a lot of players. As for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it’s definitely another masterpiece. Here the company decided to replay everything again and created unusual conditions and rules for the players. If you are used to hiding behind a shield or rolling, now you will have to memorize the mechanics of parrying and learn the zen of jumping. And also — watch the plot screensavers, because, unlike Souls, the plot of this game is not hidden in the descriptions of objects.

The Outer Worlds

Get acquainted with a high-quality role-playing game that you can’t help but like! The projects of the Obsidian Entertainment studio, which accounts for the famous Fallout New Vegas game, have always been on top thanks to the quality of the game, its thoughtfulness. After a while, the developers offered the world their new project — The Outer Worlds.

An excellent plot, a large number of interesting tasks, the opportunity to play a variety of roles, or combine all the roles together! Surprisingly, the game will really let you do it! Of course Obsidian’s works are really good and highly appreciated by the players. Therefore, it is extremely important to support their work and production.

Blacksad: Under the Skin

An amazing case is a cheap-to-produce game about a detective cat, which was able to win a huge number of fans! Obviously, the game is far from the most beautiful, but this does not take away its charm. The story of Blacksad is a magnificent tribute to the entire genre of US crime novels.

John Blacksad is looking for a missing boxer, whom no one has seen either after suicide, or after the murder of the owner of a sports club. Well, then a real detective: a tense storyline, interviewing witnesses, compiling evidence. Under the Skin is an example of a game, after passing which you want to continue, you want to continue being in an adventure.

Metro Exodus

An amazing story from Ukrainian developers – Metro Exodus. This game will definitely not leave fans of action movies indifferent, because it is an excellent representative of this genre. This is a deep story with an exciting gameplay, cool characters and well-designed, but most importantly large locations. The only thing that the viewer may not like is a simple plot. However, this is still a matter of taste. For the excellent atmosphere and gameplay of Metro Exodus, you can forgive literally everything.

As many as 6 exciting games that everyone should try, we have collected here for you. We are sure that everyone will find something of their own, something individual will respond to everyone here. Let your hobby bring you joy, immersing you in the amazing and interesting world of virtual reality! Great victories and interesting stories!


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