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Top 5 Video Game Universes

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For a while now, video games have been the thing to beat when it comes to entertainment. Considering that they are a new medium, especially when looking at others such as movies or music, this is a remarkable feat. The reason for the world’s love of video games is not easy to pinpoint, as they are such complex creations. There is no doubt that many people enjoy other activities such as gambling online as playing these games and others is enjoyable to many. However, it is likely because of the interactivity of video games that they appeal to so many.

How do video games immerse people?

For a video game to be good, it needs to be able to keep people’s attention. That’s easy enough – as long as the story is good and the gameplay is good then it’s likely that people will want to keep playing. However, for a video game to be great and for it to succeed, it should be designed in such a way that it immerses players. When this happens, players are more likely to develop fond memories of playing that video game as they are simply transported to another world. People don’t want to be reminded that they are playing a video game. They want to forget that they are playing one, whilst playing it. The juxtaposition of this notion indicates how tricky this is to get right.

What are the best video game universes?

Fortunately, there are countless examples of video game series that have managed to get this right. These universes are expansive, detailed, and loved by fans of gaming across the world, so there is no doubt that they must be doing something right. Here are the top 5 video game universes that players can access:

Liberty City – This is a world that was created for the fourth main instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series. While not seeing as much success as GTA V, in this game, Rockstar managed to capture the essence of New York City (which the game parodies) perfectly. 

The Wasteland – Those who have played any entry in the Fallout series will know how bleak and dystopia-like the wasteland is. It is the result of global nuclear war, which is a scary possibility for our own future. Players will see ghouls, raiders and scorpions as they traverse this brutal world.

Los Angeles – Another American city that is recreated, players who have played LA Noire will agree that the studio did a good job designing a post-WWII LA. Though the city appears to be glamorous at first glance, the seedy alleys that plague the city indicate how it is corrupt too.

Skyrim – Who could forget about the world that really popularised the Elder Scrolls series? Those who step foot inside will witness some striking sites, towering mountains, rushing rivers, and a beautiful aurora that occasionally paints the night sky.

Rapture – Audiences were first introduced to Rapture in Bioshock, and at the time, it set the standard of what great world design can do for a video game. Players who dare to walk down the city’s not so empty halls will definitely feel a certain feeling of dread.

These are some of the best video game universes ever made, and those who have not experienced any of them should do themselves a service and try at least one of them.