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The best free animation software in 2020

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If you are fond and passionate about the world of 3D animation, we have great news for you. Today we will share the best free animation software so that you can develop your skills as an animator. These programs can be beneficial to you, but remember that paid software has more tools and better libraries so that your project is complete. Still, these free tools will come in handy.

Getting know: The best free animation software in 2020

The programs that we are going to show you next are mostly open-source animation programs or free versions of robust applications. In some cases, although they may have limited functions, they are perfect to start practicing and improving your skills as an animator for the creation of objects, characters, and environments in 3D. Here is the list of free 3D animation programs

1) Boats Animator: The best free animation software

It is a program designed to create stop motion. Unlike the other tools, the Boat interface is clear, organized, and developed so that beginners in this world of animation feel comfortable. Frames captured with the program seen immediately. An entertaining program.

This program, like Blender, is a free and open-source for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The application opened under the GNU General Public License, and contributions made within its active repository on the project’s GitHub.

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2) Houdini Apprentice:

This tool will help you generate complex geometries at a constant quality level by changing the individual parameters. Something exciting about Houdini is that his tools allow you to perform auto-rigging.

Therefore Houdini Apprentice is a no-pay version of Houdini FX, which can be used by students, artists, and hobbyists for creating personal, non-commercial projects.

3) Daz3D:

Therefore It is an animation program designed more for fans of the world of 3D animation. This versatile program allows you to create 3D figures, animation, and rendering. Perfect for animators, designers, and illustrators. Therefore Your free plan may have fewer features that make workflow easier. Despite this, this free animation program has a wide variety of tools.


This option is a web-based application, so you can work from your browser to create, animate, and render 3D content. In its workspace, you can find the essential tools to work with 3D modelings such as extrusion, beveling, cutting, and looping. Also, as you work from the browser, you can include more members of your team to participate in modeling. Sort of like Google Drive.


Blender should top this list. This powerful free and open-source 3D creation program aimed at professionals who are looking to perform actions such as modeling, animation, rigging, rendering, simulation, composition, and motion tracking. Therefore , It also gives you the facility to create entire post-production from the same program with options for video editing, writing, and visual effects.

Final word on the best free animation software

There is a variety to start taking your ideas into the 3D world at no cost. Advances in conference calling technology have allowed you to create animated productions from home. I hope you will find the best free animation software this year.

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