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Top 5 netflix series to hit when you don’t know

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Netflix has been steady with the Top 10 series and movies, but in Esquire, we know little, and that is why we set up a bit more great rankings with the best round of 2019 and those of 2020, which is on fire.  Still, we have found that many ask us for recommendations to decide what series you watch on Netflix in particular and of any year in general, especially now in these weeks of forced confinement. As it is a choice that afterward involves many hours of pleasure or frustration, we will strive to propose the best of the best of the series available on Netflix, either original or purchased from other networks. If you are searching for the Top 5 Netflix series in 2020, then you are in the right place.  



Getting know: What are the Top 5 Netflix series in this year? 


Here are the listed Netflix series in 2020:


  • After Life
  • Unorthodox
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Lucifer
  • The Blacklist


The details about the Top 5 Netflix series in 2020

Top 5 netflix series

01 After Life 

The great Ricky Gervais has gotten deeper than he originally seemed in this nihilistic tragicomedy about a widower who decides to do everything he previously thought was wrong once he loses his wife.  The black comedy arises from the shock against that environment that always considered him a wonderful person, and he works hard to return to the fold of happiness. The result is an exploration of grief and the meaning of life with a sadly inspiring truth.

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03 Sons of Anarchy

For many, it the true revelation of the year, the quality miniseries that Netflix needed to cover the 2020 quota of fictions of real interest and not just pure entertainment.  Although the subject of life in Orthodox Jewish communities addressed a thousand times in films and documentaries, Unorthodox stands out for the liveliness, anguish, and human values ​​that the protagonist conveys.  It works like a shot in the chapters that take place in Williamsburg, but the plot borders on the weekend telefilm when the action moves to Berlin.


04 Lucifer – Top 5 Netflix series

The creators of Californication are behind this series that takes a character from a Neil Gaiman comic, The Sandman, a sexy and irresistible devil who runs a club in Los Angeles.  He starts a little hesitant, but in recent seasons, he has found a cheeky and very daring tone that has earned him a glorious second life on Netflix.


05 The Blacklist – Top 5 Netflix series

A kind of Batman without powers, a millionaire and detained by the FBI as an alleged criminal, reveals that he has a blacklist with the great terrorists, murderers, and dangers to society.  And he begins to collaborate with the authorities to stop them. You will like it if. You go for the classic gangster and serial killer cinema, but with a very current staging. It procedural style structure, with cases that solved while secret plots advance little by little, with the extra charm of a protagonist masterfully played by James Spader.


Conclusion on top 5 Netflix series

You can watch all the series if you have Netflix subscribers. In this post, I was try to give a short description about Top 5 netflix series in 2020. So, guys, if you love to watch netflix tv series then you can easily watch from Netflix tv series.      

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