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TOP 5 most popular careers for students

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Online jobs for students are a great way to make a career. They pay well and can be very lucrative and here are popular careers for that.

This is a great time to get an accredited university degree online and earn a living doing what you love. You will have great flexibility by finding a job that you can do online. For example, if you are studying to be an accountant, people have a request: do my homework accounting, if you are studying to be a translator, people have a request: translate documents for me, etc. We’ve compiled this list of the top “work from home” jobs and some popular careers.

You can start your professional life by working from home with popular careers.

Although these online jobs can be difficult to find, once you do, you will be able build long-term skills that you can use to start a career or start a business.

  1. Online Tutor

It’s easy to believe that everyone is doing well at college. But, the truth is, many students struggle to pass their courses. Teaching them your skills and helping them to succeed could be a way to make a living.

Don’t forget about your fellow college students. Teaching children is also possible – there are many kids in elementary and high school who would benefit from your teaching.

The Internet doesn’t limit you to your immediate area. You can share your knowledge with people all over the globe, including children and adults.

  • US average salary $13-20/hour.
  1. Social Media Manager

Everybody spends a lot of time online every day, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. You might consider making this a career if you are good at motivating others with your posts or getting lots of likes and comments.

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Social media managers create communities for companies via social media and engage them in discussions (for example, getting lots of comments) and encourage them take action (like signing up for an email list or reading a blog post). A social media manager plays a crucial role in building brand awareness.

  • According to Indeed, The average US salary is $62,000/year. It all depends on your negotiation and marketing skills if you are a freelancer.
  1. Be an online influencer

Are you passionate about something? Do you have a hobby or a passion that makes your life interesting? Do you have knowledge about something that many people struggle with or are you a master at it?

You might consider starting a blog, podcast, or vlog. It can take several years to build an engaged and large audience. However, if you are comfortable sharing online with others, and have a loyal audience, it may be worth considering it a business.

You’ll find that your audience increases and you can sell products and services to them. However, you will also be able make a living recommending products to others and receiving a commission or sponsorship in return.

  1. Freelance writer

Managers of social media promote content that promotes company sales and builds relationships. The content is written by freelance writers. As more companies seek to establish long-term trust with their target audience, there is a great need for writers. They provide high quality content.

The best freelance writers keep up-to-date on marketing trends and research so they can identify which content types are most effective. They are skilled in communicating complex ideas and know how to make it convert in a specific format.


Freelance writers who are well-fed stay away from “content farms” or bidding sites. These places allow you to compete with hundreds of writers for the same projects, and you may even get the gig if your bid is too low. You must market yourself to your target audience, usually marketing managers, to be a freelance writer.

  • According to Indeed, The average US salary is $61,000/year. It all depends on your negotiation and marketing skills if you are a freelancer.
  1. Freelance web designer

Freelance web designers, like freelance writers, need to market their services in order to make a living. Websites that claim to do your marketing often have a high price. You might be required to work very hard and lose money on any deals you sign up for.

Freelance web designers must demonstrate more than just their ability to create beautiful websites to stand out from the crowd.

Companies care less about their image than they do about the results. So, freelance web designers who are well-fed often understand the basics of user experience and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimizing). They are able to design websites that encourage visitors to buy products or download them.

  • According to Indeed, The average US salary is $61,000/year. It all depends on your negotiation and marketing skills if you are a freelancer.