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Top 4 TV Series that are Worth the Watch During Quarantine are the top 4 TV series that you should watch while you are in quarantine

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As the COVID-19 virus is forcing people all over the world to stay at home in order to stop the spread, people are spending ample amounts of time watching TV and movies. With the limited amount of things that a person can do while in quarantine, people are constantly searching for new things to watch that will either be worth their time or distract them from the global pandemic.

A specialist that works for a company that provides in-home senior care commented that in the midst of the global pandemic, TV and movies are a great outlet for people, old and young. She added that TV is a way for people to relax and escape the craziness that is the COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, here are the top 4 TV series that you should watch while you are in quarantine.


TV Series Worth Binging

Depending on your age and your likes and dislikes, you are probably interested in specific kinds of shows; the following suggestions aim to address all kinds of TV preferences from funny, to dramatic, and even to action-packed. Here are TV series worth binging while you are stuck at home.

1.   The Office

The Office is a fantastic quarantine show as every episode is light-hearted and will have you laughing in seconds. This show is great for people of all ages and is a great show to watch if you have young children that are around and you don’t want to subject them to anything inappropriate. If you aren’t familiar with this show, it is a unique television series that is shot “documentary style” in an office. With a hilarious cast that always finds themselves in even more hilarious situations, this is an outstanding show to lift your spirits while practicing social distancing.

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2.   The Handmaid’s Tale

If you are a person that is attracted to dramatic TV series, or thrillers, The Handmaid’s Tale is worth watching. With 3 seasons on Hulu, each episode being about an hour-long, you are sure to be occupied and entertained while in quarantine. This show is based on Margret Atwood’s novel about a dystopian society that forces women (the handmaids) to bare children for their masters. The show also follows one specific handmaid that is determined to escape this hell-on-earth and reunite with her family that was taken from her.

This dark series will leave you on the edge of your seat and will make you wonder what you would do if you found yourself in this horrific situation.

3.   Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is another show that will leave you wanting more and glued to your couch while in quarantine. This dramatic, crime-filled series is about a gang, The Peaky Blinders, after WWI. Filled with gore, suspense, and a significant amount of fight scenes, Peaky Blinders is a great show to start and finish while you are stuck at home. You will find yourself falling in love with some characters, and despising others.

4.   You

Filled with dark twists and turns, You, takes an obsessive boyfriend to a whole new level that includes murder, torture, and manipulation. Though there are only 2 seasons on Netflix right now, those 2 seasons are worth watching. This show follows a young couple who are doomed from the second they meet as the male in the relationship has a dark past that fuels his obsession with his girlfriend, Beck.

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You is sure to distract you from what is going on in the world outside since you will be so focused on what’s going to happen next and the psyche of the main character.

Stay Entertained in Quarantine

Just because you are in quarantine doesn’t mean that it needs to be a boring and miserable time for you. In addition to continuing your everyday life responsibilities, whether that be your job, or caring for your family, take the time to do things you enjoy. Make it a point to start watching something that you will look forward to and will keep you busy while you preserve the health of you and your family.

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