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Top 3 air-purifying plants of Europe

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Plants purify the air

Plants provide oxygen. This is one of the most basic processes on earth. With their leaves, sunlight and water, plants produce oxygen when converting carbon dioxide (CO2). We call this photosynthesis. In addition, some plants also absorb pollutants through their leaves. In doing so, they purify the air. And that, in turn, is beneficial to us. Keep your houseplants healthy: give your plants enough water (not too much and not too little) and make sure there is not too much dust on the leaves. Give them a nice place in the house. Then, in turn, they will take care of you. In Denmark houseplants are very popular where they are called ‘’blomsterbuket’’ or ‘’blomster bestilling’’. Throughout all of Europe houseplants are one of the most sold plants for households. 

From the laboratory to the living room

To determine what plants do in an average living room, Waring calculated each plant’s so-called Clean air delivery rate (CADR). This involves measuring how much clean air an air purifier blows into a room within a certain amount of time.

By standardizing the results of all the studies based on the CADR, the researchers were able to determine how well a plant purifies the air in a room compared to proven methods such as via mechanical air purification or opening a window.

‘Plants do remove VOCs from the air, but they do so so slowly that they do not compete with existing air purification systems,’ says Waring.

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It takes about a hundred plants per square meter to reduce VOCs enough to noticeably improve air quality. A small apartment of fifty square meters would therefore need five thousand plants, a veritable jungle.

Top 3 air-purifying plants


The Sansevieria is a real student plant; almost indestructible and suitable for people who like distinct modern shapes. Due to its air-purifying qualities, the oxygen level in the house is increased. It also improves the humidity of the air so that you suffer less from a dry throat or skin. Sansevieria comes in many shapes and sizes and has developed a completely unique style due to its modern shapes.


The Calathea is a highly air-purifying houseplant. It is a real eye-catcher with a high decorative value because of its colorful and variegated leaves. A Calathea closes its leaves at night and opens them in the morning! This is why the Calathea is also called a ‘living plant’. This is possible because of a small ‘joint’ that sits between the leaf and the stem. Light moves the joints and thus the leaves of the Calathea. You will find this plant in our assortment as an artificial plant. Especially for people without ‘green fingers’.


The Monstera deliciosa is a strong plant that does not need much care. The plant can be placed in a dark or light place. The more light the faster the plant grows. Monstera is not a fan of direct sunlight. We also have this plant as an artificial plant. Especially for the people who want to enjoy this beautiful plant, but do not have green fingers! 

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