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Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3 Remasters Available Soon on Steam, Free To Old Owners

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Realtech VR has announced that they are releasing a remastered version of the Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 adventure games on Steam. These remastered products will be based on the mobile version, OpenVR support, use of a new 3D engine, and it will be available free of charge to anyone who already owns the original game.

Currently, the development team has completed Tomb Raider 1 and 2 and is currently working on Tomb Raider 3. You can also check details shared in their Tweet at the bottom of this news.

The new 3D Engine has been rebuilt to the latest OpenGL platform and comes with a better post system (improved lighting simulation, environmental shading, and more), and support for both Windows 7 and Windows UWP. Upgrading effects can be disabled and players will be able to switch to the classic image section in case desired.

All the remasters of the game also fully support the Xbox 360/Xbox One controller, including the Unfinished Business & The Golden Mask DLC and integrate multiple fixes.

Below you can watch the two videos that show the remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1 and 2. Realtech VR will release a video clip for Tomb Raider 3 next month.

Currently, there are no specific dates when these games will be officially available on Steam. We will update on this topic when more details are available in the future.