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Tom Clancy’s The Division beta gets postponed again on Xbox One

Presented for the first time in 2013, Tom Clancy’s The Division has particularly impressed us with its ambitions. But today, the title seems getting increasingly delayed.

Will there be The Division coming out on gaming consoles and PC one day? This is the question all the players are facing who are impressed by the meager videos and information distilled by Ubisoft for almost three years now. The title had impressed in its first presentation with a level of graphics unusual for the time. Yes, but here, since, apart from barely sufficient information, the title gets postponed.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Screenshot

And things do not go well by arranging as if the title has been pushed back many times to set (for now) at an output in March 2016, we learn from Ubisoft that beta has also just been postponed.

The beta access was to be done under this December, but we will now have to wait until early 2016. This implies two options: either the beta will be very short and the game does not really benefit from the player’s feedback, or Beta will retain its normal process, in which case the official release of the title could again be shifted.

As a consolation, Ubisoft said that players who preordered the title on Xbox One will have access to a private Alpha. We therefore know what to think of The Division and its state of development.

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