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Tom Brady, the Undisputed QB Helps Tampa Bay Bucs Win Super Bowl

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It seems one should always think about it before betting against “The Tom Brady.”

The undisputed king quarterback Tom Brady took that Tampa Bay Buc to triumph in the Super Bowls 2021. They have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes lost it to Brady with scoring 31 to 9.

The 43-year-old Brady got his 5th Super Bowl MVP. The legendary quarterback seemed terrific with his form. He made his journey with 10 Super Bowls, an unrealistic run. But the player has proved his metal being deadly at the same point of time, smart and poised.


Brady had several face-offs with Kansas’s Tyrann Mathieu

TB12 destroyed Kansas City Chiefs’ super talented team. He was furiously playing and even had verbal altercations while being on-field. After the second-quarter touchdown, he got in the face of Tyrann Mathieu. Though this is not the first time, they had sparred.

Brady scored 3 touchdowns and showed one of the best versions in the world. There was nothing that could touch him during the match. However, Brady and Tyrann had multiple brawls all night.

Rob Gronkowski played as fiercely as his BFF Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski, the 31-year-old Buccaneers, scored 2 touchdowns against his previous team New England Patriots. Gronk did not show any kindness, just like his BFF Tom Brady. Gronk played a great role in the win as when Tom wasn’t scoring, Gronkowski blocked Patriots fiercely.

The defense of the Buccaneers on Sunday night was something to watch for. They stuffed the Chiefs game keeping the pressure continuously. The superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Mahomes could not find any such place to get a grip on the game.

Tom Brady, the greatest player of the NFL history

There are now 7 rings from the Super Bowl to Tom Brady. No other player in the history of the NFL holds this record.

Gronk got the 4th ring of his career. He is now tied with star players like Terry Bradshaw, Ronnie Lott, and Joe Montana. Gronk placed himself 3rd in the list with them now.

Tom Brady and Gronk both said that Buccaneers fans surely would see themselves in the next season too. Tampa Bay Fans are thrilled about the news.

Brady wants to play till 45

Brady said that he is not planning to retire till he is 45.

Nobody will get any chance of complaining if he continues to keep up this terrific form like this.