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Todd Howard talks about Skyrim for Switch and The Elder Scrolls VI

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Todd Howard of Bethesda was recently interviewed by Glixel and on this occasion he spoke, among other things, the arrival of Skyrim on Switch (not yet confirmed) and The Elder Scrolls VI, the next episode of the beloved fantasy saga.


As for Switch, Howard confirmed to appreciate the new Nintendo platform and reiterates that Bethesda will support the console: “On the screen of Switch, Skyrim looks absolutely identical to how you see it on TV. Nintendo has done a great job and we are looking now to run our titles on this hardware.” According to recent rumors, Skyrim will come at the launch of Switch, but the publisher has not yet confirmed anything or denied this possibility.

As for the future of the franchise, Howard has announced that The Elder Scrolls VI will be big, however, this is not an active project at the time. The publisher is occupied with other games but there will certainly be space in the future for TES 6.

The director and executive producer of Bethesda also mentioned that the virtual reality version of Fallout 4 continues to develop.

As you may recall, during E3 2016, the studio revealed that they are working on Fallout 4 VR. After a long time without details, Howard finally spoke of this situation, and in this interview they confessed that they are currently testing everything related to virtual reality and then point to the right path.

The last time Bethesda spoke about Fallout 4 VR and said that it would be available in mid 2017. However, Howard’s statements make us think that the project is just taking shape, so we have to wait for more information.

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