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Titanfall 2 PS4 Disc Picture Posted by Producer

Drew McCoy, co-developer of Titanfall 2, posted an image of a PS4 disc of the title which already started a small outrage among Xbox fans.

As war happens: As you all already know, Titanfall 2 has only appeared for the Xbox One and PC. The PS4 players were left empty-handed, as it was due to an agreement between EA and Microsoft. Now, Titanfall 2 will appear on 28 October also for the PS4.

The news actually came from none other than the developer, of course. Since the game has reached Gold status, Drew McCoy posted a picture of the PS4 disc of the title on Twitter now. Below you can check the tweet:

After that another Twitter user responded with the comment: “GIVE IT TO ME (but preferably on Xbox),” to which McCoy replied, “Green discs aren’t as sexy looking.”

And because of this comment there have been some Xbox fans who got upset with it. McCoy got among other comments on how “Statisically “green” is the chosen color by people with high IQ. I guess this game is for kids and morons.” or “do you just not like Microsoft”.

Howsoever, the game will be available in a few days in the retailer shelves and then Titanfall 2 can gamble to come on whichever system it likes. Why always there is this anger, because of such a nonsense, we believe?

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