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Titanfall 2 Open Beta Starts This Weekend

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Attention players interested in Titanfall 2, as Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the Open Beta will be available for the next 2 weekends for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Titanfall 2 Screenshot

That’s right, the Beta of Titanfall 2 will begin on Friday August 19 and ends on 21 of the same month, and the next period will be from 26 to 28 August. The first phase will bring 2 modes and 2 maps available. The second weekend Respawn will add 1 mode and add one more stage.

Therefore, in the first week you can experience 5v5 mode called Bounty Hunt where you score points by eliminating enemies, but you should place them in a specific place; if you die, say goodbye to the points you have earned. 8v8 mode is also called Pilots vs. Pilots (8v8); here, players will face only their fighting skills and mobility. These items will be available at Boomtown and Homestead maps.

The second week, Respawn will add the scenario of Forward Base Kodai and 6v6 mode called Amped Hardpoint, a redesigned version of Hardpoint Domination of the first game.

For the moment, no information on the precise time of the Beta of Titanfall 2 is given, nor do we know whether there will preload, however, we invite you to be attentive on August 19. Also, remember that this technical trial will only be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as Respawn decided to leave out the PC platform because the game is not yet optimized for this type of hardware, and also to prevent dataminers sticking their noses in the game code and ruin the surprises of the campaign mode.

Titanfall 2 comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28.