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Titanfall 2 First Teaser Trailer Revealed

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Electronic Arts has announced on Monday,i.e. today, the first teaser trailer of Titanfall 2, which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Full disclosure of the Respawn Entertainment game will take place on June 12, during the event of EA Play.

Titanfall 2 Teaser

The Official YouTube Channel of EA has released a few minutes ago the first teaser trailer of Titanfall 2, the second installment in the Titanfall series for which we still know very little. The short video shows a kind of pod abandoned in a forest until a robot approaches it and drives a sword on the ground. You can check out the teaser trailer of Titanfall 2 at the end of this article.

So far, there is little information about Titanfall 2, but we know that the new title of the shooter franchise with robots will have a single-player campaign “in a world so much scientific as well as magical, but it is still something standing on the floor, dirty, human and real.”

Although there were enough rumors talking about it, one of the most important details of this sequel is losing exclusivity on consoles. Titanfall was one of the flagship of Xbox One during their first months of life (although it later came to PC). This second installment will expand its view, also coming to PlayStation 4, snatching one of the juiciest licenses for the current generation platform of Microsoft.

Also, one of the most exciting developments of Titanfall 2 is the inclusion of a Campaign Mode for players, as one of the writers of the game revealed a few months ago. For the moment, no details are known about this section. Keep in mind that the primal delivery was only focused on the multiplayer mode, which in this sequel will emerge as the backbone of the game once again.

Titanfall 2 should arrive by March 2017, according to a disclosure of publisher EA during a conference for investors.