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Timed exclusive DLCs are bad for the industry, according to Phil Spencer

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As often happened in the past, Phil Spencer was found to freely discuss with fans of Xbox on the video game industry and the role that Microsoft plays within it. In this case, the head of Xbox was keen to clarify how, in his opinion, the timed exclusive DLCs released are not good for the players.

Phil Spencer is back to talk about competition on Twitter, explaining that in his opinion, the marketing agreements regarding DLC ​​preview do not grow the industry.

“Paying marketing funds so another consoles base can’t play a piece of content doesn’t feel like growth,” are the words of Spencer, clearly in conflict with the exclusivity policy recently adopted by Sony with additional content for a fee of major titles, as is the case of Call of Duty.

According to Spencer, there are well other services that must be provided to their customers, such as that of EA/Origin Access, the support of Fallout mods, Game Preview and Xbox Play Anywhere; all this focused towards healthy development of the industry, and that points to disadvantage certain factions.

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