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Tiger Woods virtual golf course 2k partnership is a much-awaited project

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The Tiger Woods virtual golf course partnership allows the company to use Woods’ image and name in their video games exclusively. The franchise came to the market in 2020, and then the company used Justin Thomas’s image on the front cover.

Tiger woods had been restraining himself from appearing in any video games for some time. But now he will make his appearance soon on the computer screens at least or in people’s consoles. The gold legend has taken up a lucrative long-time collaboration worth 2K with PGA.

Tiger Woods said that he is excited about his return to the world of videogames. The new partnership is unique because HB studios and the 2K franchise are an absolute fit for him. He felt elevated to join hands with such a company’s initiative and wants to entertain fans with more such video games where he could be a part.

The financial details of the Tiger Woods virtual golf course project are yet not disclosed

Tiger Woods would sit on the chair of the director executive giving consultancy to the 2K franchise of the PGA Tour. The foundation of TGR is also going to be a part of this franchise. TGR would provide classes with STEM as helping students to avail different programs which can elevate their knowledge.

David Ismailer, President of the 2K PGA franchise, said that there’s hardly anyone greater like Tiger Woods in the world of golf. They are empathetic towards Woods, who was facing shocking injuries due to the accident. The company wishes him a speedy recovery. They are happy to collaborate with the legend hoping Woods’ magic would translate to the PGA video game, too, as it transcends in the actual sport.

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Woods’ partnership with EA sports

Earlier, Wood made a deal in 2013 with EA for a video game. They made a video golf game with Woods initiating in 1998.

Rory McIlroy then became the face of the EA video game in 2015. But after that, EA did not dive into making video games further. 2K first came into the market in 2020. Thomas’s face was on the cover of the video game.

There were apprehensions of Tiger would feature as a character that could be downloadable in the 2021 version of the video game. Many thought the company would use him in the future 2022 version’s cover.

As the great news of this new collaboration came into the light, Tiger fans are excited. The fact that he is recovering since his devastating car crash in LA last month is a happy news. There is still an investigation going on over the accident.