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Thumper for Nintendo Switch confirmed to run at 60fps with HD Rumble support

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New details emerges online with information on the version of Thumper for Nintendo Switch, the fast rhythm game developed by Drool and released on PC and PlayStation 4 (with support for VR) on October 13, 2016.

Drool has revealed that Thumper for Nintendo Switch will not only support the HD Rumble of the Joy-Con controllers, but will also run at 60 fps.

While many indie games were announced on February 28th, there were other revelations that came out of it. One of them was that of Thumper for Nintendo Switch. This game is a development on the part of Drool company, and through Twitter the existence of this version was revealed. This title was originally released on PC and PS4 via PlayStation VR in the fall of last year.

In a questions and answers with the fans (found at the end of article), the developers have indeed confirmed that the new platform of the company of Kyoto will support the game with HD Rumble and will run at 60 fps. For the moment the release date of this new edition is unknown, we only know that the title will debut on Switch during the spring.

Thumper is a strange proposal, where we control a species of beetle through pre-established courses. Its creators handle it as a mixture of rhythm and violence. Obviously this title on Switch lacks Virtual Reality (maybe for the moment), but in return it will gain something more.