Throne: Kingdom At War Review

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With all of the recent Game of Thrones hype out there, it’s nice to finally get a game that puts players into a similar mindset: build, battle and conquer. It’s simple but some of the best games are. Throne: Kingdom At War, while it might not have all of the drama and tense dialogue that GoT boasts, certainly does its part in giving players power. The fun comes in when it’s time to use that power, and it’s in those decisions that make the experience that is Throne.

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A Real-Time Mobile RTS

Developer Plarium brings players to medieval times with this title and asks them to pick one of a handful of warriors to call their avatar. From there, the game starts out by teaching you how to become a successful Lord. It shows you how to train armies to enhance your power, manage your town quickly but also intelligently, and it shows you how to farm materials to power your army, a common game mechanic that you’ll find in most noteworthy RTS titles. By and large, this system is nearly identical to titles like StarCraft or Red Alert, so most veterans will get into the flow of the game quite quickly. However, unlike many RTS games where you’re farming materials to take down an enemy during one round of play, the materials and levels that you accrue will stay with you as the game is not played in rounds.

Source: Throne: Kingdom at War via Facebook

Instead, Throne challenges players to constantly build up their kingdoms and battle enemies when they feel they are strong enough. And while players can lose battles, the only winners are the people who are ranked highest on the leaderboards. The more battles you win, the higher you’re ranked on the leaderboards, and the way to consistently win battles is to team up with other plays online and form orders, another familiar concept for people who play mobile strategy games.

Multiplayer and Joining an Order

Plarium talk about a player’s choice to fight alone or team up on their website, right alongside an FAQ and a news update system designed to keep players informed of the newest patches being brought to the title. And it’s no wonder they mention this on their site because, at first glance, it’s a bit confusing as to how one would make or join an order. Still, quite frankly, it’s the best part of the whole experience. While the game can be a bit of a grind when it comes to gathering materials and training your army, it’s easy to look past once you have a team to communicate with. Clicking different parts of your town and gaining material becomes a means to an end when you and a few other players are planning your next attack to gain enough points to be finally be ranked tenth on the server. And that’s also how the game goes from a quick time waster to being a multiplayer experience as enthralling as Call of Duty or Halo. 

In a nutshell, the stronger you are as an individual unit, the stronger your order will be as a whole. If you strategize between each member of your order and plan properly, you can win wars against stronger enemies and climb the ranks quickly, but falter for one moment and you could lose position just as fast. It’s this hunt to become the best that’s made mobile RTS one of the most popular genres on phones nowadays, and it certainly does nail that along with its interesting aesthetics and quick support forums from developer Plarium.

Source: Throne: Kingdom at War via Facebook


If you’re looking for a game to bring you and a few friends together in a cooperative experience, you’ve found it with Throne: Kingdom At War. It’s free, it’s fun to conquer with partners and you can play it wherever you want. But if you’re looking for something to play by yourself, well, you might be looking in the wrong place with this one.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Rating: 8/10