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Thriving in the Game: Counter-Strike Pros

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Pro players in CS:GO or Counter-Strike Pros definitely gives us an insight into what it takes to become a great player in the game. While it may take some years for a player to rise into prominence in the game, there are a few tweaks which can help aspiring gamers to grow into one of the best players in CS:GO.

Counter-Strike pros are usually well-equipped, and they will never go into the biggest games of the sport without proper training and knowledge of the computers they use. Of course, teams would always want what is best for their players, and so they give them the best set of computers.

These computers are not just the ordinary ones that you can see on a computer shop. We are talking about high-end computers that can overclock with a lot of video card power and processing speed as well. These are the computers that define the gaming industry today.

Of course, players will need to get familiar with those. There is a standard that one can say is quite enough for a pro player to get his game going. With the right tools and the willingness to learn in the game, one can simply grow into a pro in no time.

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What do CS:GO Counter-Strike pros use?

As suggested by some of the pros in the game, the PC that should be used for CS:GO must pass a quality check that is suitable for gaming. There are a lot of things to consider when going for a gaming PC, and that means that it has to keep up with the latest trends in gaming specs.

If you are even serious about gaming, the PC must give you the FPS that you need. No one wants to play in worn-out shoes or a ball that can’t bounce enough. The same goes for the gaming side. Getting the right gear would never make you a pro overnight, but it will make sure that your skills are fresh every single game.

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A strong gaming mouse and a mechanical keyboard will always improve your experience. Make sure you always make time for these kinds of upgrades in your PC. Depending on your budget, the best thing that could always go with a flawless CS:GO gaming experience is either a 144+ FPS or 240+ FPS option. 

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CS:GO is not that much of a demanding game, but having the best gear in your arsenal can help you get your skills sharper in gaming. Natus Vincere’s s1mple has the best setup considered by CS:GOpedia.

He has a BenQ XL2540 monitor, and a set of Logitech G Pro mouse, keyboard and headphones. So far, those gears helped him emerge as the best player in the game right now. Although it was just a fine setup, it was the skill of the player that pushed the PC and helped him perform better.

As you can see, it was not just about the gears, but the skill of the player as well. However, the gears did play a big role in helping him play better than he did in recent years before he had that setup.

What sensitivity do pros play on CS:GO?

The average mouse sensitivity for players is around 875.4 eDPI. The majority of the pros use 400 DPI and between 1.5 and 2.0 when it comes to their in-game sensitivity. That just means that the mouse that players use also matters a lot in the game.

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Team Liquid, considered the best CS:GO team in the world, ranks with the lowest sensitivity on its five players at 740.8 eDPI. Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic has the lowest setup in the top 10 with 800 DPI and 0.6 sensitivity, that is equal to a total of 480 eDPI.

This just shows that there is no perfect sensitivity when playing the game, however, notable players like NAF made a huge difference in their parts. However, s1mple did rank with an eDPI of 1236 in recent months despite having a 400 DPI only.

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Zowie is the most trusted brand when it comes to computer mouse for CS:GO. Their products take up at least 52% among all users in the game. The mouse was really designed for the game, so there is no doubt why it is really popular among pro players.

Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive good?

CS:GO has been the leading game in the FPS genre since it came out back in 2012. No one can deny the fact that its prominence has shown the world why the classic game back in 1999 was still in fact, the best shooter in the industry.

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Since its launch in 2012, many games have tried to follow suit and contend with CS:GO’s throne as the best online shooter in eSports. Games such as PUBG, Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and so on have tried to combat the classic shooter but to avail.

The game still stands as one of the three most popular games in eSports, along with Dota 2 and StarCraft. You can even see in most Valorant Streamers who moved on from CSGO, its hard to kick off some habits from this game. 

How much do CS:GO pros make?

The average CS:GO pro makes around $4,000 to $5,000 for those who play in world tournaments. However, for those who are playing for a top-level team make around $7,000 up to $10,000. Those who are in the top five teams get paid to almost up to $17,000 a month.

Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo is one of the legendary names in the CS:GO community. He is a rare exception to an AWPer and in-game leader. He is known to have the highest income as a professional player back in 2018. He earns around $740,000 per year including some sponsorships, which amounts to at least $61,000 per month.

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