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Three Casino Destinations Off the Beaten Path

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While it rarely gets more exciting than Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, the worldwide Online Cricket Betting ID scene is more varied than you would think. There are plenty of places off the beaten path that has casinos as part of the attraction. And no, we aren’t talking about online casinos like Bet2you, although those are a much more cost-effective way to gamble. 

Now you can combine the thrill of adventure with casino tourism. Get the pleasure of playing classic Cricket ID games, while visiting other attractions as well. Nature lovers might find more joy in their evening activities, knowing they’ve spent the day in the wild outdoors. 

Or perhaps you want to soak up the sun by day and enjoy a few games of roulette or slots by night. There’s always something unique and irresistible about playing in exotic venues. 

Let’s take a look at all of the hottest destinations for casinos and other fantastic thrills.


Africa is on all the hottest travel destinations lists, with tons of visitors coming to enjoy nature and wildlife. As well as the thriving and vibrant city life, Lesotho has a pretty unique and exciting casino. The Lesotho Sun casino stands out as an incomparable gem worth the long flight. 

The world-class casino and hotel resort welcome guests from all over the globe. To take part in the many slots and classic table games. You’ll love how warm and welcoming the staff is, it’s a far cry from Vegas for sure. 

Cruise Ship Casinos

It’s been over a century since people fell in love with the idea of luxury cruises taking them to far off and exotic places. But one thing most people don’t consider when they are booking them is that they can partake of casino entertainment right onboard. 

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Yes, many of the largest and most well-known luxury cruise liners have their own real money casinos onboard. So how about spending your days adventuring around new ports and taking in new cities. And spending your evenings comfortably onboard enjoying slots or all your favorite games? Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

In fact, some of the most beautiful, stylish, and glamorous casinos exist right on cruise ships. The only exception that comes to mind is the Disney cruise ships, which do not include casinos. 


It’s no secret that Australians love casinos, there is a greater concentration of slots per capita in Australia. More than any other country in the world. And unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the top places to visit if you like casinos. 

All of the cities and towns in Australia boast unique, rustic, or vibrant atmospheres. Moreover, most of them include large to medium casinos that you can visit when you tire of the beach and trendy restaurants and bars. 

Australia is also Covid free and life goes on as usual. With residents visiting each other and carrying on having fun everywhere. Even if gambling isn’t on your mind, Australia should be on your bucket list of places to see in the next few years.