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THQ Nordic acquires Delta Force, Joint Ops and other military franchises

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Having acquired Red Faction and Darksiders, THQ Nordic announced today that it bought several franchises, such as Delta Force, Comanche, F-22 and Joint Ops, among other military titles. In addition, the distribution company also obtained registered trademark of NovaLogic.


This transaction was made with the signing of a deal with NovaLogic Inc. in which the purchase of the games is established; however, the details of these transactions were not disclosed by any of its parts.

“After 30 years of creating ground breaking computer and video games, we are proud to pass the baton to THQ Nordic,” said founder and CEO of THQ Nordic, John Garcia, in a statement. Meanwhile, Reinhard Pollice, of THQ Nordic mentioned that they are open to the possibility of reviving all franchises.

“We are extremely satisfied with the new additions to our portfolio, and also very thrilled about how to continue some of said franchises. We are open for talks in this regard if any developer approaches us with a concept for a potential sequel to any IP,” he said.

THQ Nordic acquired many franchises of THQ when this company went bankrupt, and to top it off last August, the firm originally called Nordic Games acquired the name of THQ and renamed itself as THQ Nordic.