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Thomas Mahler further speaks about Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation 5 and Cross-Gen games

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Yesterday, Thomas Mahler (director and designer of Ori and the Blind Forest) has spoken about Project Scorpio, now the producer is back on his statements, expanding his vision for the future of the console and the concept of generations.

These are the statements of Mahler: “According to your logic (refers to users of the NeoGAF forums) if any first party game exists across 2 generations, the new generation is the same as the old one? Even if the next-gen box has, let’s say, a shit ton more power, new input devices, allows for new features like VR and allows me to play games in my library at higher resolutions and higher framerates? Games have existed cross-generations for a looong time. That in itself is absolutely not an indicator of whether a box is ‘next-gen’ or not, whatever that even means.

With next-gen hardware, be it Scorpio or PS5, you’ll be able to get games on the older gen hardware and see it run a little worse (probably lower res, lower framerate), while it’ll perform the best on the latest gen hardware – exactly like what you see on the PC or Phone market. If you wanna play a brand new game at 60fps, get the new box. Don’t wanna get the new box? You can still play the game on your old box at 30. That’s probably how that’s gonna work out. The forward-compatibility is just an added benefit that Microsoft agreed upon and I think that’s very pro-consumer: Once the new box comes out, your old box won’t magically be worthless … ”

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What do you think of this statement? Do you agree with the hypothesis of Thomas Mahler ?