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This is why 1-2-Switch was not pre-installed in the system memory of Nintendo Switch

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There are many players who wonder why Nintendo did not propose 1-2-Switch as a software pre-installed in the operating system of its new console. The included mini games lend themselves well to show the potential of the Joy-Con and for that many would have preferred to find the game pre-installed when buying Nintendo Switch.

1-2-Switch is one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch. It is a particular game, designed for all and the only one able to take advantage of the Joy-Con 100%, that many would like to see pre-installed on their system.

In any case many people have wondered why this software has not been included in a bundle with the game, since the launch of the console.

Why Nintendo has opted for the separate sale of the game? The answer comes from Kouichi Kawamoto, producer of 1-2-Switch: “It would have required using storage space to install it, and the software development costs would also have had to be added to cost of the system. The games are quite peculiar, and most of them are meant for two players. So if it came pre-installed, some people wouldn’t boot it up even once….”

In fact the 32 GB of Switch memory already bears the burden of the operating system. Weigh it down with a game would have further reduced the space available.

Remember that 1-2-Switch is already available for Nintendo Switch.

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