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Third-Party Switch Dock Could Be Bricking Systems After 5.0 Update

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For several generations of consoles, there has been the presence of problems with the hardware for different reasons. Sometimes it is internal problems but in what concerns us today, the relationship is with third-party equipment developed for Nintendo Switch, which, according to one report, is causing problems after the arrival of the 5.0.0 update.

As it usually happens in some cases, the arrival of a new system update for a console usually brings some problems that affect the player’s experience. In that sense, according to reports, some consoles have become unusable after receiving the latest firmware update but, beyond being a hardware problem, it seems that the cause is located in the third-party docks that are sold separately.

The information indicates that in the last few days a report has been received related to problems in the console caused by third-party docks, especially those of the company Nyko. In that sense, the YouTuber Spawn Wave transmitted his case and detailed the manner in which his Switch was unusable; the curious thing, in this case, is that the Nyko company contacted the streamer and offered to change his console for a new one.

After the reports of problems of this type increased, NintendoLife received emails from users whose testimony gave an account of the situation and a user reported that it had a Nyko dock and after the 5.0.0 update its console was damaged, preventing it from recognizing any dock, even the original Nintendo. According to the user, his console is out of the warranty validation period and had to send it to Nintendo for repair, which will cost $115 USD.

So far, there is no official pronouncement by Nyko or Nintendo, but we will be on the lookout to corroborate the information and make it known. Meanwhile, it is prudent to use the original equipment until further notice.