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Things to Know Before Forming a Business Partnership

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Two is better than one, right? Well, that’s the basic theory behind forming a business partnership. Business partnerships can make overseeing and running a company much easier compared to running it alone. You can each divide up your commitments, which allows you to prioritize your tasks and focus on your strengths in a logical manner.

But there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you even think about Forming a Business Partnership. So, before you dive into a business partnership, we’ve assembled a list of essential facts you should be aware of. Keep reading to learn more about business partnerships and how to get the most out of them. 


Things to keep in mind:

Feeling overwhelmed about figuring out your business partnership? Don’t worry; we will educate you all about what you need to know, from the agreement to how to fill the Form 1065. 

  1. The first thing that you should keep in mind is your agreement. It should be clear cut and concise. We will suggest you make a legal agreement that will set things straight between both of the parties. 
  2. After completing all of the legal agreement requirements, the second step should be discussing and jotting down all the responsibilities and duties. Make sure that there is a balance established between you and your partner, from duties to revenue. 
  3. Keep the communication open and transparent to avoid any misunderstanding that might cause issues and obstacles to running your business smoothly.
  4. Plan out an exit strategy. Never forget about the exit strategy, which gives you an “out” and shows that both you and your business partner are aware that someday your pact will end. Eventually, you both will move toward different paths. Develop an exit plan beforehand. This will make sure that none of you faces any backlash in business and everything is divided equally. 
  5. Make sure that whatever misunderstandings you face gets resolved properly. This isn’t the time to hold grudges. Keep your temper low and patience high because the stress of running a business can cause a lot of tension.

Let’s look into the legal pacts. 

When Forming a Business Partnership, it’s not just about the two parties. There is a third party also involved: the government. This party comes into action when your revenue starts to roll in, and you need to pay your taxes. Your business is different from the others, it’s a partnership, so filing for your business tax will also be different. 

The form that you need to look at and fill in when filing for a business partnership is Form 1065.

Form 1065: 

Form 1065 is a form that you fill in together with your business partner. What do you tell the government on this form? You will detail all your investments, revenue, income, profits, even the losses or downfalls that you faced along way. This is important because, in the end, separate taxes are calculated, and both of you pay the divided amount separately. This makes things a lot easier and less complicated. 

This form only has a single criterion that the partners shouldn’t be employed together because it would cause confusion. 

There are certain things that you need to keep on hand when filing form 1065 including, 

  • Your partnership agreement. 
  • Your tax report
  • The company’s tax history. 
  • Your income summary. 
  • The previous tax summaries of the company. 
  • Financial statements. 
  • Employer ID and business codes. 
  • The financial method, cash or bank etc. 
  • Total GDP receipt. 

Moreover, if you want any deductions, you’ll need receipts and evidence of expenses for things like rent, salaries, repairs, any fees that you paid for licenses. You can also typically write things off like transportation costs, equipment, and maybe the health or retirement plans you offer for your employees. 

Wrapping Up: A Business Partnership

When you build a business, it can be extremely difficult to run everything on your own. That’s where a business partnership can really make your company shine. It’s important to ensure that your business partnership is strong and that you and your partner have a watertight agreement. Use this article as a guide and jumping-off point. Soon, you’ll be raking in the profits and running a very successful company.