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20 Fun Things to Do with Your Best Friend!

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What can be more fun than planning endless adventures with your best friend? From meeting for a quick drink session to traveling together, we all have surely had beautiful memories with our best friends.  So why not take this to the next level by making some exciting plans to do fun things with best friends rather than the usual meetups? Both of you are less likely to cancel the plans if they are interesting, and we have some of the best ideas for the ideal bestie time activities! 

Read on to know more. 


1. Go Shopping, the Unusual Way 

Retail therapy is surely a lot of fun, but this time, we recommend you visit the local charity or thrift stores instead. The variety of available items is huge, and it is lovely to find some unique pieces of clothing, furniture, or small decorative items for your living room. They are also cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.

2. Discover More of Your Town

You both may have lived in your hometown for years now, but how well do you know the place? So how about walking around the town? You will come across many interesting places. 

3. Visit Museums

You can do more interesting and fun things with best friends when taking a trip to the local museum. Playing tourist in your own town is surprisingly very enjoyable. You can also visit the upcoming exhibitions and get a culture boost!

4. Volunteer Together

There are a lot of volunteering options that are very much suitable for adults as well. We recommend the SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) sessions that encourage garbage collections from water at the same time. You can definitely find an activity that is appealing to both of you.

fun things with best friends
fun things with best friends
5. Get Cooking

Getting busy in the kitchen with your best friend can be a lot more fun things with best friends compared to the rushing around and stressing over reservations at fancy restaurants. Cook your favorite dishes together and bond over the food!

fun things with best friends
20 Fun Things to Do with Your Best Friend!
6. Wine Tasting Sessions Can Be Fun

Wine tasting sessions are both affordable and a chance to meet new people with a similar mindset of trying something new. If you both are foodies, a wine tasting class in the evening is a perfect end to your busy work-day. 

7. Or A Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail masterclasses are a great option to learn all about alcohol pairings, measuring, and the most fun part, the shaking. You can also get to taste them. 

8. Group Yoga

A yoga session is definitely a holistic way of exercising. Many gyms offer at least one yoga class per week, or you can try to find a local yoga center that suits your needs. It does not matter if you have never done yoga before and is very calming for a nice unwinding session. 

9. Learn a New Skill Together

This is one of the best ways to bond with someone, no matter how close you already are. You can use Facebook to check out any dance/art/music/ceramics/cooking classes or courses nearby. 

10. Movie Marathon

It is simple, yet feels good. Just be couch potatoes for a day and line up your favorite movies and TV shows. Play them while you eat salted popcorn and cozy up! 

11. Casino Experience

Either go out or turn your place into a casino. Most casinos are now closed due to pandemic, but you can bring the fun of poker, blackjack or roulette to your living room and create an unforgettable casino night experience! Make your room cozy, set up the lights, play some Vegas music in the background. And if you like slot machines, you can play free slot games online. 

12. Picnic Outdoors

Getting outdoors and into the lovely nature is a great way to bond. Long walks on the Countryside with your best friend are a much-needed refreshment and an opportunity to de-stress. 

fun things with best friends
fun things with best friends
13. Costume Party

One of the most fun things with best friends and memorable things to do, as you would be getting dressed up in quirky costumes and clicking hundreds of pictures!

14. Try Sports betting

Fancy watching football? Why not convert that into a fun, income-generating session? You can earn some extra money by betting on favorites through online betting on dedicated websites like – check out the latest betting offers for Bet365.

Fun Things with Best Friends: 20 Fun Things to Do with Your Best Friend!
15. Biking

If you both are fond of going outdoors, getting on your bikes is a fantastic way to spend quality time together. Whether you talk of fitness or adventure or together time, Biking has you sorted.

16. BBQ Fun

Nothing better than a great barbecue in the backyard. Find easy grilling recipes on the internet and enjoy a wholesome experience of your favorite food with some wine.  

17. Sleepovers Are Super Fun

Sleepovers when you are past your teen years can involve a lot more wine and gossiping, which is exactly why they can be so much fun. Just grab some hot chocolate and cozy up with a classic movie or order pizza and nestle up!

18. Throw a Dinner Party 

Throw a dinner party for more sophisticated nights and make it a rule to not check your phones every now and then!

19. Get Pampered

Hit the spa. Body pampering sessions are the best. Find your calm in refreshing spa sessions and scented lotion pampering. It could be costly but can be an amazing experience together. 

20. Help Each Other With Life Admin

This might not sound super fun like cocktail parties, wine tasting sessions, and music classes, but it is the best part of being best friends. Just be there for your friend when she/he needs a shoulder to lean on.