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Thimbleweed Park will release on iPhone and Android devices

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We recently told you that Thimbleweed Park was already available for Xbox One and that it would have the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Well, there is also news for mobile users, as the title will arrive on Android and iOS devices sometime this year.

Released just a few weeks ago, the graphic adventure Thimbleweed Park – inspired by classic LucasArts titles – is about to get some very important news. The first is that the title will receive the support of the Xbox Play Anywhere (complete with subtitles in Russian service), as well as a rich mobile version of novelty in the pipeline during this year.

So the team behind Thimbleweed Park commented that the Android and iOS version is “on the horizon”, and although for now they do not have an exact launch date, developers mentioned that the title will arrive soon.

On the other hand, new features were also added, since the game already has subtitles in Russian and it is possible to disable the “annoying jokes”, that is, from the menu of the game you will be able to make sure you enjoy the plot without so many geeks references for those who prefer a different experience.

Thimbleweed Park is now available on Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, with iOS and Android versions going to launch in the coming months.

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