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The Witness Patch 1.03 download available now, adds support for PS4 Pro

Even The Witness is now optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro: the latest update adds full support for the new Sony console, offering improvements on the screens at 1080p and two different display modes for 4K panels.

The Witness, the title signed by Jonathan Blow, gets a new update 1.03 version to support the PlayStation 4 Pro. Three different graphic settings have been introduced, with the addition to HDR support.

On Full HD TVs, The Witness will run at 1080p and 60 fps with MSAA 4x while in the 4K panels you can select between two different modes: the first with a native resolution of 1440p (upscaled to 4K) with locked framerate to 60 fps, MSAA 2x, text screens and interface shown in native 4K.

Alternatively, you can play in 4K native with anti-aliasing MSAA 2x and locked framerate to 30 fps. That is, the base model of the console is running the game in 900p, 60 fps, MSAA 2x. That’s probably a good opportunity for players to get back into the gaming experience for the most atypical!

A few days ago, the creator of The Witness defended the launch price of his game stating that in his opinion this is not an indie game and explaining the reasons for this statement. The Witness was released last January 26 on PC and PS4 to €36.99, receiving an enthusiastic reception from both critics and by the players. Recall that the Witness is also available for PC and Xbox One.

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