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The Witcher Netflix Series Tentative Release Date Revealed

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It is planned that the exclusive Netflix series of The Witcher will debut sometime in October, November or December. The release date is not yet known with certainty, but, according to an executive producer of the project, we could see the first season in October.

This was revealed by Giovanni Eūgene Altamarquéz, executive producer of Netflix, whose Medium account shows that The Witcher series should debut in October 2019. On Twitter, he mentioned the same date, but the account, at the time of writing this note, appears in a suspended state, according to Redanian Intelligence reports.

It was previously considered that the first season of the series would be ready in 2020; However, we later learned that it would arrive sometime in the last quarter of 2019. These are not the only rumors of the launch of The Witcher, because in previous reports it was assured that The Witcher would be released at some point in December. It is important that you do not take these dates as something official, as we remind you that the company has not made an official announcement in relation to the launch of the first season. We will keep you informed.

We remind you that the first season will consist of 8 chapters. And you, when would you like The Witcher to start its first season? Do you have your hope in this exclusive Netflix production? Tell us in the comments below.