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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.08 available for download soon, update notes posted

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.08 patch logs are now updated on the official forums. The download is not yet provided but it will be coming soon in few days. The patch logs are quite big that brings up a lot of fixes and enhancements in this game. Patch 1.08 targets game improvement offering overall nice performance. The patch also resolves issues that appeared because of Patch 1.07 version. So this could be a kind of important update for the game. With this the patch also brings up fixes in the UI where it will resolve few flickering issues in the game. For the gameplay things the patch also offers a lot of solutions. Read the full patch logs below.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Wallpaper
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Wallpaper

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.08 Patch Notes is available here and below:


  • Overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.07.


  • [Japanese Only][PS4 Only] Fixes an issue where the background text of certain books would flicker.
  • Fixes an issue where part of the Kaer Morhen map would not display properly.


  • Fixes a rare issue where items would disappear from the stash.
  • Fixes a very rare issue which would cause Geralt to get stuck when trying to run.
  • The interaction pop-up will no longer appear on lootable objects that are empty.
  • Fixes an occasional glitch in one of the dwarf combat animations.
  • Heads chopped off during finishers will no longer disappear.
  • “Players can perform a roll just before landing to significantly reduce the damage caused by falling.
  • We’ve added a tutorial pop-up window explaining this to make it clearer.”
  • In patch 1.07, the level requirements for certain items were scaled up, leaving some players stuck with only unusable gear. With patch 1.08, we are introducing the Wolven Hour potion.
  • This potion will be available in everyone’s inventory once they install the patch. It will reduce level requirements on all gear for a period of one hour. This will give players time to level up or
  • find alternative equipment using the gear that was available to them in patch 1.05 but became unusable after patch 1.07. After one hour, the potion’s effects will cease and the requirements for all gear will revert to their original, pre-potion values.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to compare their items with ones sold by merchants.