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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.07 download available next week likely

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be getting a huge patch next week. The patch version is 1.07.  This patch is going to bring a lot of changes and it will be a huge release.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Screenshot
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Screenshot

The official patch 1.07 notes of The Witcher 3 shows up a lot of fixes and all this are in-game resolutions. That means the patch is going to provide you a lot better gaming output. Below is the official link from where you can read the full patch notes. We are just taking a few starting excerpts that tell us about the in-game fixes. We had gone through each logs one by one and found out mostly that this fixes are related to improvements. These patches are essential to make the game perform better. And we also appreciate game developer’s effort who boldly releases new patches after regular time interval, to make the game more perfect. Recently there was also news that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to get a new DLC that will be equal to the size of Witcher 2. This paid DLC is going to bring a lot of new content in the game.

Patch 1.07 notes:

  • Introduces an alternative movement style for Geralt. To enable, go to the Gameplay\Movement Response submenu.
  • Fixes a rare issue where the player’s horse would not fall to the ground properly.
  • Fixes a rare issue where the player could be locked into the aiming animation if hit while throwing a bomb on horseback.
  • Fixes a rare issue with an infinite loading screen in the Ladies of the Wood quest.
  • Includes a variety of collision fixes.
  • Fixes an issue where Wild Hunt warriors would remain present even after the player completed the main storyline.
  • Fixes an issue where players could repeatedly buy foreign currency from a loan shark and sell it at the Vivaldi Bank.
  • Fixes an exploit whereby players could loot gold from a single chest more than once.
  • Fixes an issue whereby some skills were not properly removed after the player used the Potion of Clearance.
  • Fixes an issue with target locking, which should now be more responsive.
  • Introduces a number of changes in selected game-world areas to prevent players from unexpectedly progressing quests or leaving the playable area by climbing certain elements of the landscape.

You can read the whole Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.07 notes from here.