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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Day-One Patch for Xbox One and PS4 download available now

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The Witcher 3 is already released for consoles and tomorrow it is going to come on PC. A Day One patch is finally put on download for consoles. You can get it directly from your game library. The patch is released in order to enhance the gameplay and boost its output on Ultra High Resolution. There is yet very less information available on it. But we are able to find a lot of things on the patch that is mentioned below. There will not be huge difference in patch features for PC also that will come out later on. The main objective is to give a more stable gaming output. The patch carries some small fixes only, there are not additional content in it.

The same patch is also being tested by other gaming forums, where they did not find much enhancement or stability. As far as they are concerned the patch is not going to make the game output a lot better as it was expected. Thanks to a user on NeoGaf who revealed the information on it so that we can get little information about it in details. Patch logs can be read from below. We are taking the patch logs as per the source link of NeoGaf user from here. The download size of this patch for Xbox One is around 580MB, while it is 481MB for PS4. Information on the PC version is not yet released.

Below is the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Day One Patch Changelog:

Major changes:

  • Support for DLCs
  • Multiple stability issues fixed
  • Overall performance improvements
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Quests and game:

  • Variety of cosmetic quest improvements
  • Journal objective fixes
  • Quest mapping fixes
  • Dialogue flag fixes
  • Quest balancing issues
  • Scene triggering improvements

Gameplay systems:

  • Boat behavior
  • AI improvements
  • NPC spawn strategy improvements
  • Combat balancing
  • UI optimizations