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The Witcher 3 Week 7 free DLC “Where The Cat And Wolf Play” quest download available this week

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Another free DLC is out for The Witcher 3 game. The name of this new DLC is “Where The Cat And Wolf Play”. This new DLC will be a quest that will be released in this week. CD Project Red has announced that this and the other DLC will be released on PC and consoles both.

The Witcher 3 DLC Where The Cat And Wolf Play Quest
The Witcher 3 DLC Where The Cat And Wolf Play Quest

From the past few weeks if you see there are around two DLCs released together. One includes a quest and the other some kind of accessories upgrade. But this week the game developer has released a single one. There is not much information about this new DLC. It looks like this is going to be interesting. In the last few DLCs there were new quest but information about them was revealed after the launch. For “Where The Cat And Wolf Play” the actual game plot is not out for players. All we have is a screenshot of this free DLC that shows a locket with fierce glowing eyes of a cat.

There are in total 12 DLCs released in 6 weeks by the game developer. The sixth week was considered to be the final for all kind of DLCs released so far. But still the game developer has continued in giving free contents for this game. They are not giving out a major release, but some tiny updates in the form of quests, armor, etc; to keep the players engaged in the game. CD Project Red has also released some patches that enhance the game bugs. Yet there is no major report about crashing or any kind of issue with the game.